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What is Hackstree or Hackstree.Com?

Hackstree” or “Hackstree” is a site that provides information, which is related to Computer Security related websites. This site does not encourage any unethical practice like hacking.

Computer Security and Computer Hackings are the term that are inseparable and goes hand-by hand. People usually mistake our site to be one that encourages or promotes Hacking.

We do not believing any false or illegal information to our user. Our topmost aim is to prevent hacking, not to encourage it. We strongly believe that the best way to defend one from harmful hacking attacks is to know how it happens (ethically). We insist on Know Hacking but No Hacking!

Use this website by agreeing the following terms:

  • All the information that is provided by this site is just for educational purpose. We are not responsible for the misuse of any content.
  • The information that is available in this site is completely based on “Computer Programming”, “Computer Security”,and other related topics. The contents that are provided this site are not meant for “HACKING” or “CRACKING”, which are unethical.
  • In this site, there is a virus creation section that demonstrates on coding easy and simple viruses by using high level programming language of the computer. Virus causes great harm to the computer, but these virus are very simple and no serious damaged is caused by these virus to the computer. However, we are not responsible for any kind of malicious attacks, as the information that are provided by the site should also be used for expanding the knowledge of programming language.
  • In this site, there are few articles that are related to “Hacking Email Accounts” or “Hacking Passwords”. We are not providing GUIDES of hacking. The information that is provided by us is all about retrieving the passwords. The information should not be used for nay unethical purpose. Hacking computers which you do not own is completely unethical. Try out hack attempt on your personal computer at your own risk.
  • We used “Hack” or “Hacking”many times in this site. Both the words shall be used in the context of “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical Hacking” respectively.
  • Hackstree “is nothing, but a name of the site. This site does not provide any illegal information that restricts the security of the computer. Hackstree is a site that provides information, which is completely legal and ethical as well. This site is related to Computer Security. Neither we provide hacking information and nor we promote cracking/hacking software piracy.
  • This site is no longer responsible for any kind of damage that is caused by using hacks that are entertained by this site.
  • This site share some simple computer tricks that sometimes called by the name hacks. All those tricks that are provided by us has no connection with the word hacking.
  • This site condemns Black Hat Hacking and fully supports White Hat Hacking.
  • This sire is no way responsible for the contents that are available in the user comments section. This is because, we do not monitor them. However, any sensitive information, if present in the user comments can be removed by us but on special request only.
  • The information or content that are provided in this site are completely meant for developing Hacker Defense attitude or behavior among the users and nothing else. We request our users not use information that is available in this site for any unethical purpose directly or indirectly.
  • This site is not the seller of any kind of product (footwear, software, books etc.). We are not responsible for any products that are recommended by us in various articles/posts. We only advertise products in our PRDUCTS section and are not liable for anything. If the buyer has some queries relating to the products; it is his responsibility to contact the buyer.
  • We possess the right to change the Disclaimer at any point of time without any prior notice.