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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We receive numerous queries on hacking every now and then. Keeping the curiosity of our visitors, we have prepared this list of FAQs i.e. Frequently Asked Questions. Check out the mostly asked questions about hacking and their answers, as well.

What is hacking?

Hacking is a word which is related to computers; it is nothing but a practice of modification of computer’s hardware and software in order to meet an objective of the creator’s wish. In other words, it is an art of exploitation of flaws in a design of module. Word ‘hack’ is being used for description of people who incompetent their profession. This is an offensive deed.

Who is a hacker?
Hackers are those intelligent and skilled computer security experts who understand the process of penetrating testing methodologies which are trusted by a company for security of confidential information. On the other hand, these peoples are called s sneakers when they are employed by companies for doing the same.

Describe who are crackers?

Crackers are those people who more or less functions same like hackers by specializing in penetration of informative system without any authority. Their objective can be anything benefit, fun or political motivation or even a part of a social issue. The process of cracking is carried out by modification or destruction of data in an unauthorized manner. Distribution of computer viruses, spam texts and internet malwares is a part of this activity only.
What is a script kiddy?

Script kiddy is a person who wants to be cracker. Despite of being unknown from the process of computer’s working, they know simple techniques of breaking into a computer’s program in order to steal audio or video files, porns and so on.

How can I become a hacker?


In simple words, it needs nothing but to be dedicated and highly passionate for becoming a hacker. You will require lots of commitment for learning hacking; moreover, bearing good knowledge about computer related topics also helps. Learning more and more about security, network and programming of a computing device will help you in this direction. You should be patient for the same as it will take a significantly long period for you to become a hacker.

What are good ways of learning hackings?

Basics of hacking can help you the best on the way to learn hacking. Lots of books and websites are there in the modern time to teach you everything from basic programming of computer to hacking. Learning more and more in this direction will decrease the distance between you and the top position of hacking.

Can I secure my device from hacking?

Yes, you can protect your computer from being hacked by learning some basic knowledge about security, network and function of computer. If you have good knowledge about topics like spyware, phishing and Trojans, you will be able to protect your device. Good antivirus and firewall should be installed to keep a step ahead towards security of your computer.

So, these are some important things you should know about hacking.