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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy


What kind of information is collected by us?


The information collected by us is based upon the email address you provide us during the time of registration. When you order something or register with our website, we collect this kind of information but you are also offered with the option of browsing our site without registering with us.

Why do we collect information about you?

Whenever we collect any kind of information about you, it is just for improving our website or for personalization of customers’ experiences. The information you provide us supports us to provide better response to our customers in the direction of meeting their demands. Feedback we receive from you is also a part of this improvement.

Do we send cookies?

If you are asking for those small files which are sent by websites through web browser to your device’s hard disk, yes we send cookies. These cookies help us to identify the browser of visitors and capture the information to remember them later. The use of these cookies is don’t for aggregation of data regarding traffic and interaction on site. In this way, we manage to provide far better services and tools further.

What about disclosure of information to third parties?


We never supply information of our customers to third parties in any form. We neither sell nor trade personal information of our visitors. Still, some trusted third parties are there who offer us assistance in operation of the site and conduction of the business along with offering service to you, to whom we share the information but only after the agreement of keeping it confidential. Secondly, release of information is approved by us in case we trust that it is protecting our and your rights, safety and enforcement of the site policies. Non-personally identifiable information can be offered to marketing and advertising parties.

Third party connection

Inclusion of third party(s) can be allowed with their independent privacy policies. This can happen only in case we offer their products or services through our sites. In such case, we are not responsible for the activities of these third parties. However, we do our best for protecting your integrity with our site and ready to get feedback from you about the third party activities.

Our privacy policy is applicable only on the information we collect through our site online and not about those that are collected offline.

Terms and conditions

Please refer the relevant page to see our terms and conditions as well as disclaimer and limitations of liable approach governing the utilization our site.